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Are you a Parent, Grandparent, or Caregiver Living in 19104?




AFEL believes that the best way to help your child succeed is through making sure your child receives quality education from an early age. You are your child’s first teacher. The more involved you are with your child’s education, the better prepared your child will be for school. The better prepared your child is for school, the better your child will do in school! 


· Enroll your child in a high quality early childhood education center. See Checklist for “What to Look for in a High Quality Center” on the Resource page. 


· Expose your child to learning through fun, see "High Five for Kindergarten Readiness" on the Resource page.


· Be sure your child is registered for Kindergarten on time. 


· Read to your child often! Use everyday activities to point out letters, numbers words and soon enough you will be reading sentences and books! Research shows that children who read by third grade are more likely to graduate from high school, less likely to be incarcerated, and more likely to attend college (University of Chicago, 2010). 


· Apply to become an AFEL Family Ambassador, for more information, see the AFEL Family Ambassador section.

Interested in Being a Substitute Early Childhood Teacher?


AFEL ECE Teacher Assistant Substitute Program


AFEL’s Alliance of Childcare Providers seeks substitutes to work temporarily in local early childhood centers while teachers attend trainings and professional development. This is an ideal opportunity for a college student or community resident looking for extra income. The substitute program is administered through AFEL’s partner, First Up, which oversees the Alliance of Childcare Providers. Qualified substitutes will be compensated per hours worked and paid by First Up. 


Qualified candidates must be able to

· Attend trainings 

· Work as substitutes at local childcare centers for approximately four hours/month @ 2 to 3 hour intervals 


Qualified candidates’ requirements

· Provide verification of age: must be over 18 years old 

· Provide documentation confirming Child Abuse Clearance, PA State Police Criminal Background Check and completion of State Mandated Reporter (online training required by State of Pennsylvania) 

· Provide verification of freedom from tuberculosis (TB test results) 

· Provide 2 written non-family references


For more information, contact