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Our Team

             Core Team

Andrea DiMola

K-12 Education Manager

Sherra Dunn

Covid Resource Coordinator

Joanne Ferroni

Director University and Community Partnerships

Aunnalea Grove

Community Health and Wellness Manager

Cory Johnson

Program Coordinator, Action for Early Learning

Jeffrey Jordan

Outreach Coordinator

Lucy Kerman

Sr. Vice Provost University and Community Partnerships, PI

Adena Klem

Evaluations Manager, Action for Early Learning

Vera Lee

Drexel School of Education, Co-PI

Rachel Viddy

Project Director

Maria Walker

Project Director, Action for Early Learning

Jordan Wilson

Data Analyst/Manager, Action for Early Learning

  Data and Research Core

Maggie Beverly

Research Coordinator

Erikka Gilliam

Data Manager

Matthew Jannetti

Data Analyst

Felice Le-Sherban

Co-lead Research and Data Core, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Dai Meeks

Salesforce System Admin

Amy Carroll-Scott

Co-lead Research and Data Core, Co-PI, Associate Professor, Community Health & Prevention

Andy Stutzman

Project Director, Civic Technology

Kelley Traister

Project Manager

Project Management Team 

This team meets weekly and is made up of city, school, and non profit partners:

Drexel University, City of Philadelphia, School District of Philadelphia, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Advisory Council representatives, People's Emergency Center, Philadelphia LISC

Community Advisory Council: (CAC)

What does the CAC do? 

The CAC serves as partners to support outreach and engagment with residents of the Promise Neighborhood. They meet monthly to discuss needs of the community, review, and advise on processes, programs, and events. They also share information with community stakeholders and share feedback from the community.


Members include representatives from civic associations, community development corporations, and partners. 

(Representatives from each organization may change throughout the year.)


Belmont Alliance Civic Association

Bettye Ferguson

East Parkside Civic Association

Charles Simmons

Mantua Civic Association

Gwen Morris

Mill Creek Advisory Council

Patrick Rushing

Powelton Village Civic Association

Mike Jones

West Belmont Civic Association

David Pickett

West Powelton/Saunders Park Civic Association

Pam Andrews

Locke Community School

Dornsife Center

Dominique Coleman-Williams

People's Emergency Center NAC

Kevin Brown

Mt. Vernon Manor NAC

Lorraine Gomez

Philadelphia LISC

Promise Zone

Carolyn Brown

School District of Philadelphia FACE Office