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Community Resource Map

About the Map

This Resource Map was developed by the West Philly Promise Neighborhood to increase access to up to date information on essential resources for children and families who live in the Promise Neighborhood. Each organization in the resource guide was interviewed to collect detailed information on the services they offer.


This information includes: 

· Type of service 

· Populations served 

· Eligibility requirements 

· Days and times offered 

· Documentation requirements 

· Program costs 


Throughout the grant, this information will be maintained and regularly updated by project staff. Many thanks to all of the organizations who contributed to the development of this guide. This is not an exhaustive list of resources within the community.


If you notice any details are out of date or incorrect, or if you would like to add your organization to the PN Resource Map, please contact:


Sherra Dunn, Resource Coordinator at 267‐760‐1993 or

Additional Resources

If you have trouble viewing the Resource Map below or would like to see all these organizations and services in a list, click here to see a spreadsheet with the same information.


For a briefer overview of resources see our downloadable resource guide. This resource guide provides a few general resources to help support you and your family here in the Promise Neighborhood. The guide includes programs and services related to food, employment, housing, health, and other basic needs. For each service included in the guide, there is a brief description of the service and basic information such as location, hours of operation, and contact information.


To view this resource guide online, click here.

To print this resource guide as a booklet, click here.


When printing, update the setting to print on both sides and flip on the short edge of the page.


This guide is not intended to include all available services. The services include in this guide may change frequently, please contact the organization or check online for current services. For a more comprehensive list of resources that is continually updated, see the Resource Map below.